Last Updated: March 12, 2016

Why we have products

At Dev Demand Co. we don't just preach separating how you do business from what your business is, we live it! So while we are a services company, we also release products from time to time that we feel address a need or solve a problem more elegantly then existing solutions. So please, enjoy the fruit of our labour!

Jimmy Feed

Jimmy Feed is a simple script which you put into your web page or web application which helps your customers to give you feedback about bugs or issues that are causing trouble on your website. You might even discover bugs you didn't know existed!

Get Jimmy, It's free to use!

Emgen is a simple one-way anonymous email relay. It allows you to do simple things like sign up for downloads and not have to worry about getting subscribed to a random email list and get spammed.

It can also be useful if you want to anonymously send whistleblowing data to an authority without the hassle of the authority knowing your email (unless you choose to add it to your email yourself).

It's a free service so give a whirl.