Introducing Jimmy Feed

March 12, 2016 — Daniel Holmes

In the beginning

Lets start with a story.

We have been partially maintaining a web application developed by a third party (and unrelated) outsourced web team.

As part of that maintenance, we were asked to address an issue where customers were commenting and saying they were unable to move past the first step in the web application, while other's feedback showed that they absolutely loved the system and that it worked perfectly for them.

We began to develop system profiles for both happy and unhappy customers so that we could understand the circumstances behind the issue these customers were experiencing.

Keeping in mind that we had tested this web application across multiple browsers, operating systems and devices (top 10 in each category) and we were still unable to replicate any of the problems the users were seeing.

We eventually discovered the issue was purely a UX issue and a significant portion of users were being confused about what steps they had to take to progress.

Now having spent 3 months on this problem because of how intangible it was, and how difficult gathering some of the data was, we decided it was time to address that problem.

Welcome to Jimmy Feed

So we created Jimmy Feed. A SUPER simple service which allows you to add a little Button to your website which asks: "Having trouble?".

When a user clicks on the Button, a survey opens, and asks the users a few questions which establishes the basis of their issue.

It also takes note of key details like browser, operating system and mobile device and stores it safely away.

Now the feedback is available through the Jimmy Feed website ready for you to analyse and address bugs you might not even know you had.

Getting started is as simple as registering using your email and then inserting the Jimmy Feed script into your website or web app.

You too can now receive immediate feedback and fix bugs quicker.

Check out Jimmy today!