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Last Updated: March 11, 2016

Climbing the mountain of innovation can be a very costly endeavour for your business to endure. It's often akin to taking a chisel to a large stone to turn it into the Michael Angelo of sculptures. It's hard work, it's painful for the stone and it takes time. Your customers and your employees are all adverse to change so it becomes more costly to implement training and get your internal and external customers on side.

We have ways of addressing the adversity to change, but what is key here is the mounting cost to all of this. Some companies look at the cost of the innovation and financially discount it instead of looking at the next ten years and realising that without innovation, there might not be a company who's cashflow you can worry about.

To combat the cost, we've created a unique product we call the business-to-business-to-business system.

It starts with requesting a consultation to see where your company can innovate and grow. From there we look at how the solution can be kept generic enough for other businesses to use, and yet still specific enough to be innovative for your specific use case.

Finally we work with your company to bring together other like-minded businesses and individuals in your network to reduce the overall cost of the build.

Your company becomes a top stakeholder in an innovative wave of development, and helps take other businesses along for the ride whilst reducing costs in doing so.

Put simply the cost for one company might be $250,000, but for 5 companies the cost might be per business $150,000. A win-win for all.

If this is something you think your company can benefit from (and we know it will), get in contact with us today!

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