Daniel Holmes


Daniel Holmes is a proven business expert with over 12 years of combined experience in programming, strategic development and leadership, taking startups to market with success.

Looking for beta testers!

April 24, 2016 -- Daniel Holmes
Recently when we launched our latest product: Jimmy Feed we wanted to get people outside our common product circle to try it out. Unfortunately the organic growth rate outside of our usual channels started off small and it had us wondering, how could we get our product out into the

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The Future of Everything

March 14, 2016 -- Daniel Holmes
Dev Demand Co. recently joined a fantastic co-working space in the heart of the Ipswich CBD in Queensland. Firestation 101, even though it has only just recently opened, has been a fantastic source of passionate and enthusiastic individuals who are really excited about getting their ideas out there, as well

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Introducing Jimmy Feed

March 12, 2016 -- Daniel Holmes
In the beginning Lets start with a story. We have been partially maintaining a web application developed by a third party (and unrelated) outsourced web team. As part of that maintenance, we were asked to address an issue where customers were commenting and saying they were unable to move past

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