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Daniel Holmes is a proven business expert with over 12 years of combined experience in programming, strategic development and leadership, taking startups to market with success.

SVG Pie Chart Click Events

March 30, 2017 -- Daniel Holmes
This is a simple little post to detail how to get mouse events like onClick to work correctly with a piechart or donut svg when you're using dashOffset to create the chart. Here's an example SVG: <svg width="10em" height="10em" viewBox="0 0 40 40"> <circle

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Announcing Phalcon Support In Google App Engine

March 23, 2017 -- Daniel Holmes
Update: I’ve just found out that Phalcon only supports up to PHP 7.0 so make sure that your composer.json file is using a supported php version (The default version is 7.1). I've been working with Phalcon for some time with our main client and one of

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How we got paid $0.67 per line of code

March 16, 2017 -- Daniel Holmes
Project Details Project: Fully Scalable Automatically Deployed Front-End Web UI with some fully custom UI components Estimated Time To Completion: 12-16 Weeks Number Of Resources: 3-4 Quoted Cost: $30K Actual Project: Front End Web UI with fully custom UI components* Management Web UI (Not Started) API* IOT Gateway* Scaled* Deployed*

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How to Upsert in RethinkDB

February 09, 2017 -- Daniel Holmes
This is a quick late night post to document one of the things I searched for a few hours on the goog for. From Mongo's Upsert to Rethink The first thing you might be here to know is how you can do something like MongoDb's upsert in Rethink. That's a

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How to install React Fiber

December 17, 2016 -- Daniel Holmes
How we found Fiber Skip to the how to. Recently we've been working on developing an amazing refresh of our client's home automation web controller. We've been developing the front-end using React, Babel and Redux and have been absolutely loving it. It has been a steep initial learning curve but

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