About Dev Demand Co.

Last Updated: August 10, 2016


Dev Demand Co. was originally named Centric Web Estate and started in 2013 by Daniel Holmes. Originally Centric Web Estate worked to produce top-quality web branding for businesses internationally, combining the power of metrics with the scientific method to achieve website KPI's in a precise and calculated method.

Centric Web Estate made its name in the kind of contracts it set customers up with, which attributed the success of customer's websites directly with the revenue Centric Web Estate collected.

As time progressed and the start-up industry became more prevalent we saw a shift in the market and the work clients asked to engage with us, so we re-branded to Dev Demand Co. to better fit our new pivot.

Dev Demand Co. Today

Today, Dev Demand Co. works as an Enterprise Startup Accelerator, assisting enterprise to innovate within their industry, using a small team and small budget to take a product to market with speed and validating the customer base and market as early as possible. This allows enterprises to continue with day-to-day operations while innovating without the hassles of internal bureaucracy and multi-level management.

Dev Demand Co. also runs an unofficial technical accelerator inside Fire Station 101 which works on alternative pricing models to help non-technical founders bring their startup to market earlier.