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Technical solutions for medium to large businesses. Bring startup thinking to the enterprise.

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Productive Thinktanks
We provide guided thinktanks with a startup flavour designed to run you and your team through your pain points and their solutions. Bring startup thinking to your enterprise.
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Smart Solutions
We provide bespoke execution on your solutions, bringing them to market with a Minimum Viable Product approach that helps your company prove its viability and get early feedback.
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Quick to Market
Iteration is key, so we work with you to address the minimum amount of functionality required to test that your solution works, resulting in a product that's faster to market.

Our Services

We keep what we do limited so that we can be the best in the industry.

Products that your customers actually want

The MVP approach is all about testing assumptions and one of the biggest assumptions you can make is "my customer wants to use my product". We help break that down and find out what your customer really wants.


Do your systems scale?

Our expertise in Infrastructure Management mean products and systems that are built to scale. Even if you're looking at 100 users through to millions, we build systems that scale for you (and are cost effective).


Solutions that actually fit, and cost less.

When we design a solution to meet your business' needs we're not afraid to suggest that you use excel if it fits the problem space. That's why you can be sure that the solution we offer you is as bare-bones as you need with options to go as in-depth as you desire.

We can provide 24/7 support for your product support needs.
Some of our customers have benefited by cost reductions of up to 70% from our services.
We've built and scaled systems for our customers that handle over a million requests per second.


There's a lot questions we get asked, so here's some answers

Our Accelerator contracts offer startups a competitive advantage by providing a full team of developers for a low cost in exchange for a portion of equity in your company. This has the advantage of our company being wholely invested in your success because your success is our success. We try to work as your internal development team so that you feel like you never have to hire a team yourself. We'll make sure that we talk exit strategies and all of that important business discussion before we go ahead with development.

On top of this we provide a vast array of specialities like MVP-based iterations and working with you on your go-to-market strategy so that you get the best value out of your development team.

A MVP is an Initialism meaning "Minimum Viable Product" where the idea is to test assumption you have about your product and to do as little work as possible to test your assumption. This could be anything from just using excel spreadsheets to run a business process through to working out the quickest possible way to implement a feature in a web app to see if your customers will actually use your product. This idea comes from the most excellent book by Eric Ries - The Lean Startup. We highly recommend you read it if this is your first foray into the startup world.

Our team has had experience helping to bring large products to market at incredible scale with redundant systems, emergency management plans and other critical mitigation strategies. This sort of experience means that our offering of fast development uniquely positions us as the best in the industry for developing new products within large organisations.

We encourage Medium to Large businesses to treat us like one of their internal business groups. Provide us with a set of KPIs, guidelines and a budget and we will internally iterate fast to produce outcomes that satisfy the enterprise need to innovate without the worry of an internal cowboy team creating havoc.

Our main experience lies in migrating existing systems, applications and processes into highly-scalable cloud infrastructures. This means we tend to implement technologies like Kubernetes, LinkerD, OpenFAAS, Envoy etc. with high-availability at the forefront of our implementations.

We also work carefully with our customers to help them integrate their different systems together of various complexity. From simply data massaging to complex api trigger systems, we are able to help your company automate workflows.

That's a big question and it really depends on the scale of the things you're wanting to do. For instance, often just building a native mobile app can cost upwards of $250k dollars to completely finish. Other companies might offer less, but in our experience, the customers we've had come to us have always been disappointed at missed deadlines and apps full of bugs. The cost above is what other companies have reported to us what a finished app has ended up costing with everything fixed and deployed.

Hopefully that gives you some semblance of how costs can vary and shows how important it is to test your ideas before bringing them to market, and the importance of discussing things carefully with your development team first before embarking on your product development journey. That's exactly what we're here for, to talk you through all the pros and cons and help you make your startup transition easy.

We're always open to new and exciting ways to work together with our clients. If you have an idea you want to share with us, we're always open to hearing it.